Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Norristown, Pennsylvania

Braking Safety Is Our Priority

People First

Since we opened our doors in 1977, Frank’s Automotive Center in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, has been all about putting people first. Specifically, we use our ASE-certified technical skills to address the mechanical issues that can present dangers to drivers and passengers if not addressed. Thus, we’re an excellent place for brake repair because nothing in driving is more important than your ability to stop safely, particularly in an emergency. We’re easy to find in your township at 1018 W Germantown Pike, Norristown, PA 19403. If it’s time for routine service or if you suspect a problem, make an appointment for brake repair using our online scheduling tool or by calling (610) 539-0532.

A Class on Function and Warnings

Without being too complicated, let's look at the primary brake function. Understanding your auto's braking system helps you know the necessary maintenance and repairs. While the idea is to press the brake pedal and have your vehicle stop, there's an enjoyable scientific process that happens in between. As you apply pressure to the pedal, it moves a lever and piston, using force to brake fluid in the master cylinder. This compression sends the hydraulic fluid through brake lines to additional cylinders near each wheel. Pressure in these areas moves the calipers (on disc brakes) such that metal brake pads attached to the calipers contact the rotors. Also called discs, these are large metal plates located just to the inside of each wheel. The friction generated from the contact between pad and disc enables your car to slow and stop. A brake shoe makes contact with the metal drum turning inside the wheel for drum brakes. Similar to its counterpart, the metal-to-metal frictional contact facilitates the stop. Newer automobiles typically have disc brakes, at least on the front wheels. Older transportation tends to have drum brakes, and that type of stopping mechanism is also often found on the rear wheels of modern autos. That's because the manufacturers sometimes try to reach a balance. Disc brakes offer better control, but they're much more expensive to produce. Drum brakes are more cost-conscious, but they don't provide better performance and anti-lock ability. Therefore, while some luxury or performance models go for the gold with disc brakes all around, others balance cost and control with the combination package. Regardless of your vehicle's package, be aware of potential brake trouble warning signs and bring your auto to us if you recognize one of the signs. These clues may include odd noises (squealing, squeaking, or grinding) when you brake or pull to one side as you try to stop. Also, you may notice a shimmy or shaking feeling in the steering wheel during braking. Finally, beware of the feel of a soft or spongy pedal as you apply pressure.

To Stop, Go to Our Shop

It would be best if you never had to worry that your brakes aren't in adequate condition to effect a safe stop. If you entrust your car to Frank's Automotive Center, you won't have to. Our ASE-certified technicians are highly qualified to assist you with preventive maintenance services as well as repairs if you (or we) discover a problem. Why risk your safety when the assurance of your stopping ability is just a phone call away at (610) 539-0532?